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Many revolutionary commercial technologies were born of US Government (USG) investment in national security research. Four Seasons Ventures LLC (FSV) leverages the experience of its partners to identify next-generation technologies in USG laboratories. These technologies are supported by continuing Federal funding and have strong promise for public and private sector applications. Once identified, FSV brings its expertise and capital investment to transition them from USG laboratories to the commercial world.
USG research agencies seek private sector interest to define clear pathways to profitable commercial end-uses. By inviting private sector investment or participating in public-private structures, the USG can overcome the so-called “valley of death,” which results when technology developed by the USG wastes away on the lab bench due to under-funding or a failure to commercialize. By securing ongoing government support, providing a management team, and injecting private capital, FSV helps technologies not only avoid the valley of death, but thrive. This approach benefits all parties involved and fuels FSV’s unique deal flow.
Our Companies
Investment Criteria

Four Seasons Ventures (FSV) adheres to investment criteria that have been developed through past successes. FSV invests in:


  • “revolutionary” next-generation technologies;

  • with clear and defensible Government and private sector applications;

  • that target large unmet demand;

  • that will garner ongoing U.S. Government support; and

  • are not in the software, telecommunications, or biotech (anything requiring FDA approval) sectors.

In addition to the criteria set forth above, FSV expects that each investment opportunity has the following:


  • Strong science and scientific teams – FSV identifies companies or technologies with exceptional science and research. FSV looks for the following characteristics in a company’s scientific team: a strong scientific foundation and training, a strong reputation among the scientific community, unblemished feedback from the U.S. Government or other research organizations overseeing the project, and an investor-friendly mentality that includes a shared interest in building shareholder value and achieving liquidity.

  • Cooperative founders – FSV seeks founders that share similar goals and interests for the growth of the company.

  • Distinctive technologies – FSV seeks opportunities with a proprietary position and a clear path to commercialization.

  • Intellectual property position – FSV seeks a strong, defensible portfolio of intellectual property. In those cases where a portfolio has not yet been established, we seek those which can be established with relative ease and security.

  • Reasonable valuation – FSV is disciplined with regard to valuation, as historical investment cycles have shown the pitfalls to overpaying for early-stage technology companies.

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